Why You Need a

Private Label Peanut Butter Manufacturer?

If you have a perfect recipe for peanut butter and you want to sell peanut butter with your brand name, you will need to set up a manufacturing facility and get all the proper governmental nodes. All this requires huge investments to be made and a lot of patience and experience.

Have your own brand of peanut butter here at Just Bite Foods or get a private mark on one of our current recipes. If you want the peanut butter to be personalized according to you, the formula will be applied accordingly.



The following steps illustrate the process of going towards your own private label. This is a general process, deviation from this process is always possible. Please contact us for more information.

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  • Private Labelling

  • Aromatic Flavors

Private label Process steps


A request for private label from the client. We then provide with more specific information on products, package, minimum order quantity and lead time. We also offer our clients the flexibility of loading one or more product variants in a container.

Sample Approval

After receiving all the necessary information samples are forwarded to the client with different recipes, product specifications and package size for approval. Further custom formulations available to meet specific needs


When all the products elements (recipe & package) are approved, client is then requested to forward the label and outer case artwork in CDR or AI format file. Moreover we provide suggestions to the client on developing the artwork


After the artwork is approved, the first production will take place. The production will be accompanied by multiple qualified employees to assure the end result meets the client’s standards.


Our quality management system ensures the perfect product traceability from raw material / packing material receipt through the finished product dispatch.


We offer various delivery options to the clients. However the clients can also arrange their own logistics process.